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Saturday, December 22, 2007

DVD Mini Review - The Situation

The Situation is directed by Philip Haas from a screenplay by Wendell Steavenson. Steveanson was a journalist covering Iraq so much of what is in the film based on fact.

Anna (Connie Nielsen) is a US based reporter covering the situation in Iraq(hence the name of the film). The story starts off when a US soldier throws two innocent Iraqi boys into the water. One of them survives because he can swim. The other one, who didn't know how to swim, dies. Anna wants to investigate what really happened. Along the way she speaks to many Iraqis. What she gets is that even though things were bad with Sadaam things are even worse since the Americans arrived.

Anna is sort of involved with US agency man named Dan Murphy (Damian Lewis). But she starts falling for an Iraqi photographer named Zaid (Mido Hamada). Through him she learns about what is really going on in Iraq and how bad things are there.

I don't want to say more about the plot. I will say that during the film you will meet a number of Iraqi characters who have to deal with very dangerous situations every day of their lives.

The Situation is a good film. But it had a very small release earlier this year. Perhaps the powers that be didn't want people to see it. But it is now out on DVD and do urge you to see it. It is a compelling film and one can certainly learn things about the horrendous situation in Iraq.


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